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4616/03/2023 Call for Objection- Vectastatin Elite ABC Universal Plus Kit Peroxidase (Hourse Anti-Mouse/Rabbit IgG) at AIIMS Mangalagiri

4710/03/2023 Retender for Supply of Neuro Surgical Drill with all Attachments for Department of Neurosurgery

4810/03/2023 Retender for Supply of Automated Bacterial Identification System for the Department of Microbiology

4902/03/2023 Retender Supply of Radiofrequency Generator with integrated vessel sealing and cutting system for the Department of Surgical Oncology

5025/02/2023 Supply of Electrical Impedance Tomography for Department of Anesthesiology

5118/02/2023 Retender for the Supply of Handheld ICG Fluorescence Imaging System for the Department of Surgical Oncology

5217/02/2023 Supply of MSK USG with Linear Transducer for Department of Radio Diagnosis

5313/02/2023 Call for Objection- for the procurement of Micromedex 2.0

5411/02/2023 Call for Objection- Hemoglobinometer Cuvettes (Compatible with HemoCue 201+)(Consumable)

5507/02/2023 Supply of CO2 Fraction Laser for the Department of Dermatology

5603/02/2023 Retender for the supply of Thermal Cycler for the department of Anatomy

5703/02/2023 Retender for the Supply of Metaphase finder system with fluorescence

5802/02/2023 Retender for  Supply of Nanobio Spectrophotometer

5902/02/2023 Retender for Supply of Gel electrophoresis horizontal with compatible power pack and accessories

6001/02/2023 Retender for Provision of Student Mess at AIIMS Mangalagiri