Plantation during World Nature Conservation Day 2023

Plantation during World Nature Conservation Day 2023


On the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day, SnE club launched the much anticipated DHANVANTRI 2.0 in order to plant the next set of plants at the Ayush Block herbal garden and rejuvenate the greenery of our serene campus.

This ambitious undertaking was done as a part of the Swachhata Action Plan aimed not only at making our Campus a cleaner and greener one but also at ensuring that it is maintained that way through our collective efforts.

The students brought a great deal of enthusiasm into planting these herbs with hopes that they would one day see these tiny herbs transform into enormous trees.

Everyone involved in the plantation got the opportunity to select the plants planted by them as their own and immediately stepped up to take responsibility for it, water it weekly and watch it grow.

A total of 25 plants were planted and there was a great deal of variety among them too as they included guava, lemon, amla, curry leaves and kanuga plants.

We would like to sincerely thank

everyone who actively participated in the plantation drive and gave us a helping hand in successfully completing our objectives.

It is through events like these that the club makes a significant and long lasting impact on the campus we all share.

As the scale and impact of these events grows larger and larger each year, we whole-heartedly believe that the participation and enthusiasm brought by it’s members will be equally amplified too.

Thus, as yet another successful event unfolded, we were proud of how the fruits borne by these plants and the innumerable benefits they have on our environment would only get better as time passes.

When we return to our campus as fully mature adults at different points of our life, we would be rewarded with smiles on our faces arising from the look of the fully grown plants that we ourselves planted as we reminisce about the simple efforts that we made on a fateful day in the distant past that kept on bearing fruit for years to come and years to come.