Dr. Arundhathi. S

Dr. Arundhathi. S

Associate Professor, PATHOLOGY

Designation : Associate Professor

Qualification :

MBBS (2005) from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore,

MD in Pathology (2012) from M. S. Ramaiah Medical College

Email :arund.patho@aiimsmangalagiri.edu.in

Area of Interest

    1. Medical education & research
    2. Oncopathology
    3. Hematology


  • Life member of Karnataka Chapter of Indian Association of Pathology And Microbiology

Honors / Awards

Reviewer Certificate from Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research

Books / Chapters

  1. Contributor for Target JIPMER May 2019 (supplement)
  2. Contributor for Target NEET PG 2019


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