Dr. Arundhathi. S

Dr. Arundhathi. S

Additional Professor, PATHOLOGY

Designation : Additional Professor

Qualification :

MBBS (2006) from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore, Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Karnataka

MD in Pathology (2012) from M. S. Ramaiah Medical College, Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Karnataka

Email :arund.patho@aiimsmangalagiri.edu.in

Area of Interest

    1. Medical education & research
    2. Oncopathology
    3. Hematology


  • Life member of Karnataka Chapter of Indian Association of Pathology And Microbiology

Honors / Awards

  1. Reviewer Certificate from Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research.
  2. Assistant Editor of Pathology Update: Tropical Journal of Pathology and Microbiology.
  3. National Editorial Board Member: Indian Journal of Pathology: Research and Practice.
  4. Editorial board member of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.
  5. Reviewer for APLAM.
  6. Reviewer for International journal of case reports.
  7. Trained internal auditor from National Accreditation Board of Laboratory.
  8. Completed online course on Introduction to bioethics for healthcare professionals with an Indian perspective offered by national network of UNESCO Chair in bioethics (Haifa)

Books / Chapters

  1. Contributor for Target JIPMER May 2019 (supplement)
  2. Contributor for Target NEET PG 2019
  3. Arundhathi. S. Pathology. T. Arun Babu, ed. TARGET JIPMER, New Delhi. PEEPEE; May 2019. Pg 52-75.
  4. Arundhathi. S. Pathology. Teja Kantamani, T. Arun Babu, eds.  TARGET NEET PG 2019, New Delhi. PEEPEE; 2019. Pg 122-165.
  5. Arundhathi. S. Pathology. T. Arun Babu, ed. TARGET JIPMER, New Delhi. PEEPEE; December 2019. Pg 52-61.
  6. Arundhathi. S. Pathology. T. Arun Babu, eds.  TARGET NEET PG (Review of NEET-PG 2020 paper), New Delhi. PEEPEE; Pg 79-118.
  7. Te Linde’s operative gynaecology as faculty reviewer



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