124/04/2024“NIQ for the Supply of Digital Stethoscope” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

208/04/2024“NIQ for Supply of X-Ray,CT/MRI Film Covers ” at AIIMS Mangalagiri.

312/03/2024“NIQ for the Supply of Langman Based Customizable Embryology Models” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri.

411/03/2024“NIQ for the Supply of Reagents and Consumables” at AIIMS Mangalagiri.

527/02/2024“NIQ for the Supply of Continuous Glucose Monitoring System” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri.

627/02/2024“NIQ for the Supply of Antiphospholipid Antibody Elisa Kit” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

727/01/2024“NIQ for the Supply of Patient Shifting Rollers” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

814/12/2023“NIQ for the Supply of Continuous Glucose Monitoring System” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri.

914/12/2023“NIQ for the Supply of Digital Stethoscope” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

1014/12/2023“NIQ for the Supply of Antiphospholipid Antibody Elisa Kit” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

1114/12/2023“NIQ for the Supply of Histology Slides” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

1204/12/2023“NIQ for the Supply of Basic Brain Tumor Set ” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri.

1329/11/2023“NIQ for the Supply of Dry Concentrate Mixer Machine ” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri.

1403/11/2023“NIQ for the Supply of Continuous Glucose Monitoring System” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

1503/11/2023“NIQ for the Supply of Digital Stethoscope” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri