Dr. Bari Siddiqui M A

Dr. Bari Siddiqui M A

Associate Professor, BIOCHEMISTRY

Designation : Associate Professor

Qualification :

MBBS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2005

MD in Biochemistry from Dr NTR University of Health Sciences in 2012

Email :bari@aiimsmangalagiri.edu.in

Research Profile

Area of Interest

  • Liquid Biopsy




Honors / Awards

ICMR Travel Award for Non ICMR Scientist 2014

Books / Chapters

Co Author 5.5 Blood Safety; WHO CURRICULUM GUIDELINES 2020


1. Bari Siddiqui M A, Desai Vidya S, Montosh C, Naga Guhan V, Gautam N; Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein A (PAPP-A) not a reliable criteria for risk assessment of aneuploidy in low maternal weight pregnancies, Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry 2019, 34(1), 168-169
2. Dr Addanki Yohoshuva, Dr M A Bari Siddiqui; Fractional excretion of sodium (FENa): A paraphernalia in incipient nephropathy versus overt nephropathy in Type I Diabetes Mellitus; International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research 2016;3(2):139-144.
3. M A Bari Siddiqui, Addanki Yohoshuva,; Habitual consumption of Areca catechu may cause increased post prandial blood glucose levels in diabetics: a cross sectional study International Journal of clinical biochemistry and Research 2016;3(4): 357-362
4. Mohd Abdul Bari Siddiqui, addanki yohoshuva, C-reactive protein in cerebrospinal fluid and serum: a paraphernalia in the diagnosis of pyogenic meningitis, J Med Allied Sci 2016;6(1).
5. Bari Siddiqui MA, Addanki Yohoshuva, Comparitive Biochemical Profile of cerebrospinal Fluid and Serum in the Diagnosis of Pyogenic Meningitis, The Pharma Innovation Journal 2016; 5(2): 01-04.