Dr. Debabrata Dash

Dr. Debabrata Dash

Assistant Professor, MICROBIOLOGY

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification :

MBBS (2009) from V.S.S. Medical College & Hospital, Sambalpur, Odisha,

MD in Microbiology (2015) from S.C.B. Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack, Odisha

DNB in Microbiology (2017) from S.C.B. Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack, Odisha


Email :debdash.micro@aiimsmangalagiri.edu.in

Area of Interest

  • Clinical Microbiology

  • Antimicrobial Resistance

  • Nosocomial Infections

  • Quality In Diagnostic Microbiology


  • Member – National Academy of Medical Sciences

  • Life Member – Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists

  • Life Member – Academy of Clinical Microbiologists

  • Member – American Society For Microbiology

  • Member – Infectious Disease Society of America


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