Dr. Soorej Balan Kaliyath

Dr. Soorej Balan Kaliyath

Assistant Professor, RADIATION ONCOLOGY

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification :

MBBS (2012) from Calicut University

MD (Radiation Oncology) in Radiation Oncology from Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum

ECMO (2019) in Medical Oncology from ESMO Certified Medical Oncologist

FRCR 2A (2019) in Clinical Oncology from Royal College of Radiologists (UK)

MRCP SCE (2021) in Medical Oncology from Royal College of Physicians (UK)

Email :soorej.rt@aiimsmangalagiri.edu.in

Area of Interest

  • 1) Head and Neck Cancer

    2) Stereotactic Radiosurgery/ Stereotactic Body Radiation therapy

    3) Immunotherapy combination with Radiation therapy

    4) Oligometastatic Disease


    • Association of Radiation Oncologists of India
    • European Society of Medical Oncology


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