Mr. Sudheendra Mutalikadesai

Mr. Sudheendra Mutalikadesai

Assistant Professor, COLLEGE OF NURSING

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification :

MSc in Nursing (2008) from Pediatric Nursing, Smt.N.D.R.K. College Of Nursing Hassan, Karnataka/ Rajiv Gandhi University of health Sciences, Bengaluru, Karnataka,

PhD in Nursing (Pursuing) from Shri JJTU, Jhunjhunu Rajasthan.


Area of Interest

    1. Conducting and coordinating programs.
    2. Quality improvement in both education and clinical setting
    3. Sports like Badminton
    4. Research in Pediatrics, Nursing, education and Behavioral sciences


    • TNAI,
    • NQOCN,
    • National Scholar society (NSS)
    • CNRS


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