15113/05/2021NIQ for Squint surgery instrument set for Ophthalmology Department,AIIMS Mangalagiri

15211/05/2021NIQ of Entomology Slides for the CFM Department at AIIMS Mangalagiri

15305/05/2021NIQ for the supply of  Endoscope sterilization tray for ENT Department,  AIIMS Mangalagiri

15403/05/2021NIQ for the supply of Steel Cleaning Liquid for AIIMS Mangalagiri

15526/04/2021NIQ for the supply of Glassware items for the Anatomy Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

15626/04/2021NIQ for the supply of  Blood Spill Clean Up Kit for BioMedical Waste Management Committee, AIIMS Mangalagiri

15717/04/2021Date Extension for NIQ for supply of Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy set for ENT Department, published on 19th March 2021

15801/04/2021NIQ for the Video Conference System for IT Cell in AIIMS Mangalagiri

15927/03/2021NIQ for the supply of  Micromotor drill for ENT Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

16027/03/2021NIQ for the supply of  Septoplasty & Turbinectomy set for ENT Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

16125/03/2021NIQ for the supply of Hertel’s Exophthalmometer for Ophthalmology Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

16224/03/2021NIQ for the supply of consumables for Generator Set for Engineering Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

16323/03/2021NIQ for the Shifting of Departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Directors Office & Consultants Office from Siddhartha Medical College to AIIMS Mangalagiri

16419/03/2021NIQ for Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy set for ENT Department

16519/03/2021Endoscopic sinus surgery set for ENT Department