21116/09/2021NIQ for Supply of Endoscope sterilization tray for ENT Department

21216/09/2021NIQ for Supply of Histopathology slides for Pathology Department at AIIMS Mangalagiri

21314/09/2021NIQ for Supply of Caesarean Section Set for OBG Department

21408/09/2021NIQ for the supply of Entomology Slides for the CFM Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

21501/09/2021EOI – Hiring of Agency for Running of 6/8-Seated Battery-Operated Vehicles at AIIMS, Mangalagiri

21613/08/2021NIQ for the supply of Female Sterilization Set, Vaginal Hysterectomy Set and Open Surgical Instrument set”, for OBG Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

21710/08/2021NIQ for the Supply of Drinking water bubbles at AIIMS Mangalagiri

21802/08/2021NIQ for the supply of Cadaver/Autopsy carrier for Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (FMT) Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri.

21903/07/2021NIQ for the Tracheostomy Set for ENT Department in AIIMS Mangalagiri

22001/07/2021NIQ for the supply of Entomology Slides for Community and Family Medicine Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

22105/06/2021NIQ for the supply of Consumables for the Transfusion Medicine & Hemotheropy Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

22201/06/2021NIQ for the supply of 5-liter BMW Bins for AIIMS Mangalagiri

22325/05/2021NIQ for the supply of Surgical instrument set for the Orthopaedics Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri”

22424/05/2021NIQ for the supply of Dilation and curettage set for OBG Department in AIIMS Mangalagiri

22513/05/2021NIQ for Glaucoma surgery instrument set for Ophthalmology Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri