1604/04/2022“NIQ for the Supply of Lipo Filling Instruments Set ” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

1730/03/2022“NIQ for the Supply of Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Set ” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

1823/03/2022“NIQ for the Supply of Bi Manual Irrigation Aspiration Handpiece” at AIIMS Mangalagiri

1923/03/2022“NIQ for the Supply of News Papers & Magazines” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

2022/03/2022“NIQ for the Supply of Chemical Consumables and Antibiotic Disks ” at AIIMS Mangalagiri

2119/03/2022“NIQ for Supply of X-ray Envelops and CT/MRI Envelops” AIIMS Mangalagiri

2218/03/2022“NIQ for the supply of Consumables ” at AIIMS Mangalagiri

2307/03/2022“NIQ for  Refilling of O2, N2O, CO2 Cylinders with transportation” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

2405/03/2022NIQ for the Supply of Patch Test Antigens

2503/03/2022NIQ- Supply of Surgical Loupe at AIIMS Mangalagiri

2624/02/2022NIQ- Supply of Vascular Set for AV Fistula at AIIMS Mangalagiri

2721/02/2022“NIQ for the Supply of Hand Held Doppler ” at AIIMS Mangalagiri

2817/02/2022“NIQ for the Supply of Measurement Cartridge and Wash/Waste Cartridges for Blood Gas Analyser” at AIIMS Mangalagiri

2911/02/2022“NIQ for the Supply of E-cart for Bio-Medical Waste Transport” at  AIIMS  Mangalagiri

3010/02/2022“NIQ for the Supply of Platelet Rich Plasma Machine” at AIIMS Mangalagiri