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1107/04/2021 Corrigendum(01)- Rate Contract for the supply of common medical and surgical consumables  for IPD at AIIMS Mangalagiri 

1205/04/2021 Corrigendum(01) – Rate Contract for supply of Medicines for IPD at AIIMS Mangalagiri

1331/10/2020 Corrigendum – Annual rate contract for supply of water tankers to AIIMS Mangalagiri campus

1421/10/2020 corrigendum 2 – Provision of Audiology and speech room for ENT Department

1509/10/2020 Corrigendum – Provision of Audiology and speech room for ENT Department

1607/10/2020 Corrigendum : Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential Machine (VEMP) for ENT Department

1724/09/2020 Corrigendum : vestibular evoked myogenic potential machine

1807/09/2020 Corrigendum : Tender on Secrity Services manpower- GeM- bid no. GEM/2020/B/766430

1908/08/2020 Additional Terms and Conditions for tender for Providing Health Care Security services

2022/07/2020 Pre Bid meeting on 23.7.2020, between 3 to 4 PM through Zoom Video Conference- GeM – Security services tender.