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2126/05/2023 2023-1-5-Corrigendum for Supply of Vacuum Assisted Tissue Processor for the Department of Anatomy

2223/05/2023 2023-1-5-Corrigendum for Supply of Automated Bacterial Identification System for the Department of Microbiology

2301/05/2023 2023-5-Corrigendum for Supply of Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Department of Anesthesiology

2401/05/2023 2023-5-Corrigendum for Supply of Cartridge base nucleic acid amplification system (CBNAAT) for Department of Microbiology

2527/04/2023 2023-4-Corrigendum for Supply of Laparoscopic Surgery set with High-Definition camera for Department of Surgical Oncology

2625/04/2023 2023-4-Corrigendum for Supply of Electrical Impedance Tomography for Department of Anesthesiology

2717/04/2023 2023-4-Corrigendum for Supply of Microscope (with Phase Contrast and Camera attachment) for Department of Microbiology

2811/04/2023 2023-4-Corrigendum for Supply of Radiofrequency Generator with integrated vessel sealing and cutting system for the Department of Surgical Oncology

2930/03/2023 2023-3-Corrigendum for Supply of Vacuum Assisted Tissue Processor for the Department of Anatomy

3029/03/2023 2023-3-Corrigendum for Supply of CO2 Fraction Laser for the Department of Dermatology