25607/01/2021NIQ for supply of Vitreoretinal Instrument set for Ophthalmology Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

25707/01/2021NIQ for supply of Electronic Single Channel Variable Volume Pipette for Pathology Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

25807/01/2021NIQ for supply of Phacoemulsification Surgery Instrument Set for Ophthalmology Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

25905/01/2021NIQ for the supply of Surgical Face Masks for OPD in AIIMS Mangalagiri

26029/12/2020NIQ for supply of Patient transfer roller Board for OPD

26129/12/2020NIQ for supply of Digital Biothesiometer for General Medicine Department

26229/12/2020NIQ for supply of Prism Bar Set for Ophthalmology Department

26314/12/2020NIQ for supply of Slide Cabinet, Pathology Department

26409/12/2020NIQ for supply of Dressing Trolley for OBG Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri.

26503/12/2020NIQ for supply of Cadaver Storage Tanks for Anatomy Department, AIIMS Mangalagiri

26601/12/2020NIQ for Shifting of Departments of Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, FMT, Exam cell, Admin. & Establishment Section, Susrutha Hall from Siddhartha Medical College to AIIMS Mangalagiri

26724/11/2020NIQ for supply of Artificial Green Grass Floor Mat for Student Hostel

26824/11/2020NIQ for supply of Window Curtains for Student Hostel

26917/11/2020NIQ for supply of Rubber Dam Kit for Dentistry Department

27013/11/2020NIQ for Refilling of fire extinguisher cylinders for Engineering Department