Department of Anaesthesiology

List of Staff Members:

Sripriya R, Additional Professor and Head of the Department

Ghansham Biyani, Associate Professor

Samarjit Dey, Associate Professor

Vamsidhar Chamala, Assistant Professor

Sunit Kumar Gupta, Assistant Professor

Eeshwar MV, Assistant Professor

Metta Rajasekhar, Assistant Professor

Kalagara Reshma, Senior Resident


Highlights of the department:

    1. Since its inception in March 2019, the department of Anesthesiology at AIIMS Mangalagiri has been steadily expanding its services backed by a simultaneous growth in manpower and infrastructure. We are presently working with the departments of General surgery, Onco-surgery, Plastic surgery, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, ENT, OMFS, Urology, Surgical gastroenterology, and Ophthalmology to provide quality peri-operative care to our patients.
    2. 23 modular operation theaters, with State of art infra-structure are presently under construction which is expected to become functional in a phased manner and fully operational by the upcoming year. Two operation theatres attached to the trauma unit are designed exclusive round-the-clock services for trauma patients.
    3. The OPD based pre-anesthetic assessment clinic (PAC) ensures that the patients are medically well prepared prior to surgery. It is well backed up with point of care testings like digital spirometry, INR, ABG, Sepsis markers among others.
    4. The Pain Relief Clinic (PRC) attached to our unit is designed to provide out-patient as well as day care services for patients suffering from chronic pain such as low back pain, post-herpetic neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal neuralgia, chronic headaches, tendinitis, neuropathies, myofascial pain, etc. We are looking forward to gradually extend chronic pain facilities to provide pain relief in cancer patients and expand it further to provide the entire gamut of palliative care services. We also have facilities to do fluoroscopy and ultrasound guided interventions for chronic pain. We ensure that none of the patients are lost to follow-up through telephonic communications. We are very much hopeful of starting the radiofrequency guided interventions shortly, which will benefit our patients to a greater extent.



    1. Our department played a key-role in establishing the COVID-19 ward and also in screening, isolation facility, and caring for sicker patients in the ICU.
    2. The department was involved in conducting ten programs through the Regional News Unit of All India Radio to educate the public on the COVID-19 pandemic and the preventive measures.
    3. The department was a part of the team sent to Eluru for emergency evaluation of the outbreak of mass casualty with convulsions. The department collaborated with other central teams in evaluating the cause for the outbreak.
    4. The department has successfully conducted two workshops (one on airway management and another one on ultrasound guided regional blocks) as detailed below.


Education and Teaching:

    1. Two postgraduate seats for MD Anaesthesiology have been sanctioned and candidates are expected to join the institute this year.
    2. Our regular academic activities include journal clubs, morbidity and mortality meets, discussion on recent guidelines/recommendations and other topics of interest.
    3. We take classes for our MBBS students (during their 6th and 7th semesters) and cover topics of interest to them as per the committee recommendations and have come up with a logbook to keep the records.
    4. We have also started classes for our nursing officers with the aim to train them in understanding the basic concepts of anaesthesiology by keeping the patients’ safety at the center of discussion. This includes functioning of anesthesia workstation, airway management, central and peripheral nerve blockades, invasive procedures, and management of life-threatening emergencies.
    5. The department is actively participating in all the CME activities hosted by the ISA city branches of Guntur and Vijayawada.
    6. We are in the process of getting textbooks for our departmental library which will be comprising of various sub-specialty books on chronic pain, regional anesthesia, cardiac anesthesia, neuroanaesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, fundamentals of anesthesia, physics and pharmacology, airway management, intensive care, etc.



    1. The department conducted a one-day CME and Hands-on training on ‘Airway Skills’ for medical faculty and students on 23/10/2021 which was a huge success and was received positively by all the delegates.
    2. The department also conducted a one-day CME program and hands-on workshop “Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia” on 24/07/22. The workshop focused on demonstrating the sonoanatomy of all the frequently used nerve blocks and fascial plane blocks. We received positive feedback from the delegates expressing that the sessions were very informative and the hands-on training upgraded their basic skills.

Future Scope and Perspectives (Our Vision):

    1. To cater anaesthesia services to various sub and super specialties like cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, transplant surgery, vascular surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and others in near future.
    2. To provide anesthesia services in out of theatre suites (MRI, CT scan, ECT, Endoscopy, Cath lab, etc) and in surgical outreach facility in community health camps.
    3. To start PDCC/Fellowship course in the fields of regional anesthesia and pain management very shortly. Our long-term goal is to expand these courses into other sub specialties like neuroanaesthesia, paediatric anaesthesia, cardiac anesthesia, critical care, etc and to start DM courses in these fields.
    4. To start BLS and ACLS courses and training workshops for medical and paramedical students and staff.
    5. To start labour pain services (labour analgesia) in near future.
    6. To become a center of excellence in the management of patients suffering from heat-related illnesses including heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
    7. To set up a skill laboratory for training of our undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Photograph representing our department