The Department of General Surgery is a core clinical department and has been functioning since inception of the institute. The department focusses on delivering high quality surgical services, individualised patient care and ensuring a high level of safety. The department currently has six full time faculty members, three senior residents and three junior residents (non-academic), providing clinical services, conducting academic teaching and participating in research.

Clinical services:

The department currently functions as a single unit, with out- patient care being provided on six days of the week, and elective in-patient care round the clock. The department offers elective out-patient consultation, elective in-patient surgical care and operations, and day-care surgeries. The department also conducts speciality clinics. Currently, the Integrated Breast Wellness Clinic which functions on Wednesdays, provides comprehensive multi-disciplinary care for breast diseases. Four more dedicated speciality clinics are planned, which will begin functioning on other days, to provide focussed care for specific surgical ailments.


  Services currently being provided by the Department of General Surgery:

        1. Basic Open General Surgical procedures (Hernia, Appendix, Gallbladder)
        2. Endocrine Surgery (Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal, Breast)
        3. Head and Neck surgery (Thyroid, Oral cancers)
        4. Upper Gastrointestinal surgery (Stomach, Duodenum, Small bowel)
        5. Biliary & Pancreatic surgery (Gall bladder, Biliary system, Pancreas)
        6. Colorectal Surgery (Colon, Rectum, Anal canal, Motility disorders, Pelvic Floor Disorders)
        7. Gastrointestinal surgery (Luminal, Solid organs, Spleen)
        8. Wounds and Diabetic foot care
        9. Entero-cutaneous fistula management

Services that be will be provided once the facility becomes fully fledged:

        1. Minimal Access Surgery (Laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy)
        2. Advanced laparoscopy (Fundoplication, Cardiomyotomy, Biliary & GI tract surgery)
        3. General Thoracic surgery (Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery, Pneumonectomy)
        4. Vascular Surgery (Peripheral arterial bypass and Venous surgery)
        5. Radio Frequency Ablation for Varicose veins
        6. Hepatic resections
        7. Esophageal resections
        8. Endoscopy (Upper GI, Lower GI, Diagnostic & Therapeutic)


Academic teaching & training:

The department provides academic teaching and training for MBBS students. Currently, under-graduate student batch has reached the final year of MBBS, and the department is involved in teaching students of all the three years of MBBS students. The Post-Graduate program (MS) in General Surgery is being planned. A simulation lab for simulation-based training in basic surgical skills and procedural skills is also being planned to enhance the under-graduate and post-graduate teaching. In a short while we plan to start courses such as the Advanced Trauma Life Support.



Faculty members are well acquainted with advanced research protocols and a few research projects are ongoing. We are focusing on developing new research projects, and in time, we plan to have a dedicated research laboratory. Our faculty have specific areas of research interest, with significant work already having been carried out in these areas. We currently plan research work on biomarkers in Acute Pancreatitis, Biomarkers for early detection of Breast Cancer, wound healing and neuro-vascular changes in diabetic patients, trauma management systems, nutrition in surgical patients, gastrointestinal tract malignancies, gastrointestinal anastomotic healing and pro-inflammatory factors in wound healing.