The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at AIIMS, Mangalagiri was established in the year 2019. The department is driven by the mission  to  provide state of the art, affordable and holistic healthcare to all women beyond barriers and to excel in medical education and research.



Patient care Services Time line of starting services Services currently Offered
OPD services

Daily OPD census: 130-140/day

Mar 2019 ·         Antenatal and general gynecology services

·         PAP smear screening for cervical cancer and screening other gynecological cancers

·         Infertility evaluation and management services

·         Family planning counseling and services

·         Special clinics

·         Point of care Ultrasound (POCUS) with adherence to PCPNDT guidelines

·         Minor OPD procedures

In-patient services  July 2021
  • Obstetrics and gynecology inpatient services for patients who need In-patient care
  • Labour and delivery services
  • Major and  Minor Gynecological Surgeries
  • MTP and Family Planning services
  • Emergency and Day care services

·         The Dept. is registered under PCPNDT and MTP act

OPD Procedure room services

4-5 minor procedures/day


Nov 2019
  • Colposcopy services
  • Cryotherapy treatment of cervix
  • Endometrial sampling, cervical biopsy, Fractional Curettage, Polypectomy
  • Mirena and IUCD  insertion
OT Services

Major  cases: 5/week

Minor cases: 15/ week

July 2021 ·         All minor procedures and Major surgeries including  Staging Laparotomy, exploratory laparotomy, Abdominal and vaginal Hysterectomy, Ward-Mayo, Manchester surgery, LEEP, female sterilization, MTPs,  Emergency and Day care procedures are being performed
Special clinics 


Sept. 2021
  • Infertility clinic Wed 2-4 PM
  • Adolescent Gynecology clinic Wed 2-4 PM
  • Postpartum and Family planning clinic Wed 2-4 PM
  • Gynaecologic oncology clinic Thur 2-4 PM
  • Menopausal clinic Thur 2-4 PM
Labour, delivery and emergency services Dec 2021 ·         Normal vaginal deliveries

·         Instrumental deliveries including low forceps and vacuum assisted vaginal deliveries

·         Elective and emergency cesarean sections


The Department expects to add few more services such as  hysteroscopy,  laparoscopy  and  Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) services very soon.


Future plans: The Department has plans to start and develop the various other sub-specialty clinics like Fetal medicine, Reproductive Medicine, Gynec. Oncology, and urogynecology in a phased manner in the coming years.



  1. In addition to catering to the  patient care services, faculty members in the Dept.  are dynamically involved in teaching and training of  undergraduate medical students from 3rd semester to 9th The Department will start PG training program very soon.
  2. Faculty are involved in conducting innovative and interactive teaching learning sessions for undergraduate students in the form of students seminars, Quiz, integrated teaching, bedside teaching, tutorials, simulation, skill training using various manikins and models to engage students actively and  to make the students competency based learners.
  3. Faculty are encouraged to attend  various conferences,  CMEs, webinars and panel discussions.
  4. Undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in poster preparation, Quiz competition  and health talks as a part of Dept. co-curricular activities such as Gynecological cancer awareness month, menstrual hygiene programs etc.,



  1. The department is involved in conducting  quality research activities in collaboration with other Departments. The Dept. faculty are involved as PI or Co-PI in  many  research projects . Undergraduate students are encouraged to do Short Term ICMR Research Studentship (STS) projects.

No. of completed research projects: 4

No. of ongoing research projects:  10

No. of STS ICMR projects (completed: 2; ongoing: 2)

No. of publication in National and international journals: 36 (2019-2021)


Department Infrastructure:

  1. The Dept. is equipped with state of the art USG machines, colposcopes, cryotherapy unit, ESU with vessel sealer, electrocautery unit, LEEP, CTG machines, infusion pumps, electrical  operated  delivery beds, electrohydraulic OT tables, various sets such as Cesearean,  instrumental and vaginal Delivery, D& C, sterilization, HSG, hysterectomy,  laparotomy , microsurgical instrument sets, monitors and MTP suction machines for providing patient care services.
  2. The Dept. has a library and a dedicated simulation and skill lab for undergraduate teaching -learning activities.