Department of Neurosurgery


“Competence without compassion is worthless. Compassion without competence is meaningless”

– Albert L. Rhoton, Jr.

Neurosurgery is a surgical super specialty that deals with various ailments of the central nervous system, spine, and peripheral nervous system. The patient spectrum covers all ages of life from newborns to very old people.


Vision statement

We aspire to be a leading international center of excellence in Neurosurgery, maintaining the highest standards in patient care, education, and research.


Mission statement

To provide state of art care for neurosurgical patients, train neurosurgical professionals with compassion and competence, advance the field of Neurosurgery through basic and clinical research and innovation


I) Services Available in the department:

A. Outpatient services (OPD):

    1. General OPD: Available on working days
    2. Specialty Clinics/ services (Diagnostic and/or Therapeutic): Epilepsy Clinic and Pituitary clinic (to be started soon)

B. In-patient services:

    1. Neurosurgery ward includes a dedicated high-dependency unit that provides perioperative care.
    2. Neurosurgical Intensive care unit (ICU) for comprehensive Neurocritical care (to be started soon)

C. Emergency services:

    1. 24-hour emergency services for trauma, stroke, coma, seizures, infections, hydrocephalus, tumor emergencies, etc.


II) Sub-divisions of Neurosurgery:

      1. Neuro-oncology: For brain, spinal cord, and spine tumors
      2. Neurotrauma: Surgery for Head & spine injuries
      3. Neuroendoscopy: For anterior skull base (pituitary surgery), trans-ventricular procedures, Endoscopic spine surgeries
      4. Neurovascular surgery: For stroke, cerebrovascular aneurysms, vascular malformations
      5. Skull base Neurosurgery: For complex skull base tumors, congenital lesions including atlantoaxial dislocations
      6. Neuro-Spine: Surgery for Degenerative spine, prolapsed discs, spinal stenosis, spinal instability (spondylolisthesis), Spinal cord and vertebral tumors, spinal vascular lesions
      7. Pediatric neurosurgery: Hydrocephalus, Spina bifida, Pediatric brain and spine tumors, craniosynostosis/ craniofacial/surgery for spasticity
      8. Epilepsy and Functional Neurosurgery: For Drug-resistant epilepsy, Deep brain stimulation, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Spasticity
      9. Peripheral nerve surgery: Brachial plexus injuries, nerve tumors, surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome
      10. Neuro-intervention: Endovascular services including endovascular coiling of aneurysms, flow diverters, and embolization of vascular malformations in collaboration with the Department of Interventional Radiology.
      11. Stereotactic Radiosurgery: For precision delivery of radiation to tumors, functional lesioning, and vascular pathologies in collaboration with the Department of Radiotherapy


III) Future Plans

    1. Neurosurgical residency program (MCh training) will be started soon.
    2. Collaboration with various national and international institutes for advanced research
    3. Department will procure state of art neurosurgical equipment including neuro navigation, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM), 3D Exoscope, 3D 4k Endoscope with Fluorescence imaging, Intraoperative CT, Intraoperative MRI, Advanced 3D operating microscope with integration with Navigation and Endoscope.
    4. Establishment of a Neurosurgical skills lab and Cadaveric simulation lab in collaboration with the Department of Anatomy.
    5. Establishment of a Hybrid operation room for the performance of simultaneous endovascular and microsurgical procedures.