Brief overview of the department:

The Department of Neurology was started in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalagiri after the joining of its first faculty on 27/08/2021.


The department aims to become a center of excellence and provide the best health care to the patients, offer unsurpassed training in Neurology for trainees, and promote research which is the soul of modern medicine.

Academic programmes: Currently, the department is involved in the academic programme of MBBS undergraduates. D.M neurology programme will be started in the coming years with an objective to mould highly skilled neurologists who would be instrumental in improving the health care system of the country.

Patient care services:

1.OPD services:

The Outpatient services of the department were started on 31/08/2021. The department gives quality care and caters to the health-care of patients with various neurological diseases like stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders, neuromuscular disorders, auto-immune neurological disorders etc.


1000 OPD registrations: 13th of November 2021

5000 OPD registrations: 9th of July 2022

2. IPD services:

The department started its in-patient services on 30/09/2021. Patients receive comprehensive care by expert doctors, nursing team and other health care staff.

3. Neurology Laboratory services:

The role of good laboratory services in complementing clinical medicine needs no emphasis. The procurement of various machines for setting up advanced Neurology labs like EEG, EMG, NCS, Evoked potentials, TMS, Doppler etc. are under process.

4. Special Clinics:

The department plans to start special clinics for neurological illnesses which require special attention in terms of long term comprehensive management.

      1. Stroke Clinic
      2. Epilepsy Clinic
      3. Movement Disorders Clinic



Anything which does not progress will wither. Research is the soul of Modern Medicine. Currently one project in stroke funded by Indian Council of Medical Research is going on. We aim to conduct researches in other fields like Parkinson’s disease, Auto-immune neurological diseases and artificial intelligence in neurology. We also plan to collaborate with other institutes- medical and technological, to bring advances in the field of neurology.