Pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease. The word pathology is from Ancient Greek, pathos which means “experience” or “suffering” and logia – “an account of” or “the study of”. Pathology refers to the process of defining a condition or behavior as pathological. The suffix “path” is used to indicate a state of disease.

Pathologists are frequently described as the “Doctor’s Doctor” because, they generally interact with a patient’s clinician, guide them for further treatment protocol, provide information about the disease process and stage of disease.

The Department of Pathology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S), Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh, India was founded in the year 2019. The Department strives to be a leading innovator in Research, Patient service and Medical education. Being a multidisciplinary department, it functions as spreading knowledge among doctors (Undergraduate, Post graduate, MCH/DM), nursing and paramedical staff in the field of pathology apart from providing state of art health care services to the patients.

Our mission is to:

  1. Provide outstanding, cost-effective, latest and advanced laboratory services to the patients / staff.
  2. Foster the scientific basis of diagnostic pathology and personalized medicine by the application of molecular and genetic knowledge and methods by accelerating the translation of advances in basic science and information technology to diagnostic practice.
  3. Generate new knowledge by basic research in disciplines related to human disease.
  4. Train undergraduate and post graduate students in understanding the disease process, better application of skills and knowledge in order to achieve highest standards in patient care services.
  5. Guide the budding Undergraduates / Post graduates’ students for carrier-oriented research in field of pathology and medicine.
  6. Encourage staff and students to develop / enhance their skills and talent through various interdepartmental projects (intramural, extramural) to lead by setting examples for next generation.
  7. Provide valuable opinion and advice in development of curriculum for students.
  8. Become a local and national resource for medical education of peers and public.


Services available in the Department of pathology:

  1. Histopathology
  2. Cytology
  3. Haematology
  4. Clinical pathology
  5. Special stains for diagnosis of disease
  6. Autopsy pathology
  7. Advanced tests
      • Immunohistochemistry
      • Immunocytochemistry
      • Immunofluorescence
      • Flow Cytometry
      • Cytogenetic studies
  8. Telemedicine services