About Department

The Department of Pediatrics at AIIMS, Mangalagiri has been established with the objectives of providing the highest quality of healthcare to children along with the best teaching/learning and research opportunities for students and staff. The department will work towards the broad vision of establishing a pediatric center of excellence with all sub-specialities, delivering the highest quality of tertiary care in the region


Our Team

Staff  Designation
Dr. Arun Babu . T Professor and Head
Dr. Diptirekha Satapathy Assistant Professor
Dr. Mahesh V Assistant Professor
Dr. Pallavi Samariya Assistant Professor
Dr. Bhargavi Vanam Durga Senior Resident
Dr. Bhargav Senior Resident
Dr. Ravi kumar Senior Resident


MD Pediatrics Postgraduates

Dr. Bharath Jayachandra 2nd Year Junior Resident (Academic)
Dr. Ramya 1st Year Junior Resident (Academic)
Dr. Sandhya Priya 1st Year Junior Resident (Academic)


 Neonatology Team

Dr. Sanjana HS Assistant Professor (Neonatology)
Dr. Ravi Chirag Senior Resident (Neonatology)

Junior Residents (Academic) – PGY-1: 2 PG students

 A) Patient Care

Patient Care Services Timeline of starting services Services offered
Outpatient Department (OPD) March 2019 ·         OPD Consultation

·         Average daily OPD census – 60 – 80 children / day

·         Immunization Services for all children as per ‘National Immunization schedule’

·         Teleconsultation services

·         Special Clinics

COVID-19 IPD/Emergency services May 2020 ·         Inpatient admission and treatment of children with COVID-19 infection
In-patient department Services (IPD) Jan 2021 ·         Admission of sick children in IPD
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) December 2021 ·         8 bedded level – 2 NICU at AYUSH Block
High-dependency Unit (HDU) July 2022 ·         4 bedded HDU at 1st floor of AYUSH Block

·         For managing sick children requiring intensive monitoring and treatment

Special Clinics March 2019 ·         Well baby follow up and Immunization Clinic – Wednesday and Saturday
August 2022 ·         Pediatric Neurology  follow up Clinic – Monday

·         Pediatric respiratory follow-up clinic – Tuesday

·         Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic – Friday

Pediatric Ward December 2022 ·         33 bedded Ward at 3rd floor of IPD hospital block
High-dependency Unit (HDU) December 2022 ·         6 bedded HDU at 3rd floor of IPD hospital block
Pediatric intensive Care Unit (PICU) December 2022 ·         7 bedded PICU at 3rd floor of IPD hospital block
Pediatric Emergency Room/Casualty Service December 2022 ·         Established at 3rd floor of IPD hospital block with 3 triage and 5 ER beds.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) January 2023 ·         12 bedded Level 2 NICU at 3rd floor of IPD hospital block


  • A 52 bedded Pediatric inpatient ward with functional Pediatric IPD Ward, PICU, HDU, NICU and Casualty was established at the permanent site on the 3rd floor of the hospital IPD block during Dec 2022 – Jan 2023.


B) Teaching:

  • Faculty members and residents are involved in teaching and training the undergraduate medical students from 3rd semester to 9th semester
  • PG training program (MD Pediatrics) commenced from July 2022 session.
  • Apart from the routine theory and clinical classes, faculty are also involved in conducting innovative and interactive teaching-learning sessions for undergraduate students in the form of student seminars, integrated teaching, bedside teaching and skill training using various manikins.


C) Research

  • The faculties and residents of the department are involved in conducting ethical and high-quality research addressing significant gaps in our understanding of common diseases in children. This also includes funded and interdisciplinary collaborative research.


Research Statistics (Since March 2019):

  • of completed research projects: 12
  • of ongoing research projects: 24
  • of research publications in National and international journals: 125
  • No of Book chapters /Book publications: 9


Events conducted by the department (2021-22)

  • National Immunization Day 2022 – Pulse polio vaccination with bivalent oral polio vaccine
  • World breastfeeding week 2022 Celebration – Various activities like health education, awareness programmes, e-poster competition, roleplay and student tour were organised.
  • PEDICOVINAR – Webinar on ‘Pediatric COVID-19 infection’ conducted in June 2021
  • PCTM – Hands-on Training of Nursing officers on Pediatric COVID-19 infection (Aug – Sep 2021)


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