General Medicine is an integral and essential department in a health-care system, which gets an opportunity to have the first contact with patients in OPD’s as well as in emergencies. We are dedicated to providing the best possible services to the patients, maintaining patient satisfaction at its highest.  We plan to establish an excellent referral system so that interdepartmental communications become easier and patients get the maximum benefit from the institute.


-To provide quality Medical education and the best training to Medical students.

-To provide standard quality patient care by practicing evidence-based medicine with uncompromised patient safety.

– Clinical research and innovations will be given at most importance.


Medical OPD daily:

      • Location: OPD building, second floor.
      • Timing: Daily morning 9:00 am onwards except holidays.
      • Registration: OPD building, ground floor, from 8:30 am onwards

Specialty Clinics:

We are planning to start special OPDs on all the days along with routine medical OPD to provide targeted care to a particular group of patients

          • Chest clinic:

COPD & Asthma: Management & Education

Smoking Cessation & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Function Testing & 6-min Walk Test (6MWT)

          • Infectious Diseases Clinic
          • Hypertension & Heart Failure clinic
          • Rheumatology clinic
          • Obesity & Metabolic syndrome clinic
          • Headache and Neurology clinic


We are planning to start a separate intensive care unit for sick medical patients.

HDU Facility:

We are planning to start a High Dependency Unit for patients. Patients may be admitted to the HDU: a) from the ICU as a step-down before transfer to the ward, or b) directly from the ward, recovery or emergency areas. Typically, patients in HDU will have single organ failure and are at a high risk of developing complications