About Department

General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine was established in 2019. Medicine is an essential department in the healthcare system. The department is an integration center for holistic patient management, undergraduate/postgraduate clinical teaching, and academic research. Our dedication is towards providing all three services with the highest standards.

Our vision & mission

-To provide quality medical education and clinical training to medical students.

-To provide standard quality patient care by practicing evidence-based medicine

with uncompromised patient safety.

-To pursue clinical, translational, and basic research and explore innovations in medicine.

Patient care

1.) Medicine OPD Services:

Location: OPD building, second floor.

Timing: Daily morning 8:30 AM onwards on all working days.

Registration: OPD building, ground floor


2.) Special Clinics: Department of General medicine has started Special clinics along with routine medical OPD to provide focused care to needful subgroups of patients.

A.) Infectious Diseases Clinic-

Timings: 8: 30 AM to 1:00 PM Daily on all OP days

Registration at the Ground floor registration counter


-To separate Infectious disease patients from non-Communicable disease patients.

-To manage infectious diseases, which include Febrile illness, Fever of Unknown origin, Diarrhoea, Tetanus, Rabies, HIV, COVID-19 disease, Post Covid 19 disease and other infectious diseases.

-To carry out research in the field of Infectious Diseases.

B.) Genetic & Rare Diseases Clinic

Timings: 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM; Every Thursday on working days

Registration at the Ground floor registration counter


-To provide comprehensive care to patients with Genetic disorders, Immune disorders with Multi-system involvement, Rare & Undiagnosed disorders.

-To Carry out research in the field of Genetics & Rare disorders.

3.) Telemedicine:

Provides telephonic consultation & advice to patients with mild disorders.

Registration Timings: 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM daily on all working days.

Patients can register for telemedicine by calling 9494908526.

4.) Inpatient Services:

The department provides inpatient services.

The department actively managed patients attending screening facility and admitted into the COVID-19 ward.



 Undergraduate training (MBBS)


The students are introduced to General medicine in their 3rd semester. Didactic, interactive, and self-learning methods are used to educate the students about the medical approach to disease management.


The students are exposed to patients in the IPD and OPD from their 3rd semester. They are moulded to develop a methodical and humane approach to patients and their problems.


Postgraduate training (MD)

The department started Postgraduate training in 2022.


The department engages in clinical, translational, and basic research to contribute to medical science. The areas of interest include but are not limited to metabolic syndrome, Rare disorders, hypertension, stroke, COVID-19, HIV and technology in medicine.

Ongoing projects:

    1. “HTA of National Stroke Care Registry Programme development of Hospital-Based Stroke Registries in different regions of India”, under the National Stroke Registry Programme – funded by ICMR NCDIR.
    2. Influence of age and gender on Clinical profile of Metabolic syndrome in diabetic patients.
    3. A comparative cross-sectional study. Clinical profile of COVID-19 among frontline healthcare workers and their exposure assessment for COVID-19.
    4. Neuropathy with Tenofovir, Lamivudine and Efavirenz combination therapy in HIV seropositive subjects.
    5. Risk factors for recurrent COVID 19
    6. Effects of smartphone usage on attention and memory in medical students- a prospective comparative study
    7. Comparative cognitive profile of alcoholic and non-alcoholic hepatic disease patients.


Staff details


Dr. U K Rakesh, Assistant professor

Dr. A Sridhar, Assistant professor

Dr. P Divya, Assistant professor

Senior residents

  • Dr. Mohammad Asif
  • Dr. Sai Barath
  • Dr. Praneeth
  • Dr. Prem Swaroop
  • Dr. Ramya